Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Currently

Time for a Currently again!
I love these things, and I use them with my 8th grade guided reading classes at the beginning of each month for the work on writing station.
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Listening: Love that Big Guy still loves Sesame Street. I was always so sad when my kinders would say they don't watch it. I would put it on before dismissal on 1/2 days, and they'd be enthralled! There's a lot to be said about kids watching age-appropriate shows. PBS Kids is where it's at. Just sayin'! None of that Sponge Bob garbage in this house.

Loving: The best part of summer is spending time with Nolan. Nuff said. I don't like the heat, but I love playing and snuggling with my Big Guy!

Thinking: Now that it's August I am allowed to start thinking about and working on school things. I make myself take the month of July off! Once again I will be teaching reading split between two buildings/classrooms...and, as luck would have it, both of those rooms have been moved, so that means I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN times two. Joy.

Wanting: I ordered a kidney table and chairs for my elementary classroom at the end of last year. The last day of school, my chairs arrived (sent to the wrong campus first) but not the table, so I'm really hoping it arrived at some point, and it's all put together for me!

Needing: Again, now that August is here, I need to get moving on my school plans. I need to find out if/when I can get into each of my rooms, so I don't have to cram all my classroom prep into the last week of summer. Talk about overwhelming!

B2S RAK (back to school random act of kindness): I think I'll be doling out some yummy chocolates and maybe try to find a cute & encouraging poem to go with it for the first week of school. Nothing fancy, just a little something to brighten everyone's day. :)

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