Friday, April 3, 2015

A Basket Full of Sight Words

My 1st and 2nd grade AIS reading students were at it again! This time with an Easter theme. I assessed their sight words the week before Spring Break, and we put together these egg-cellent projects for Easter. Some of my kiddos just reached mastery with their high-frequency word (HFW) lists, and everyone is making steady progress with their HFW. Yay!! Sight words are such a major part of my instruction with the 1st and 2nd graders, and one of their goals is to reach their respective benchmarks for mastery. We are on our way!

I love how unique these projects turn out each time. I pretty much give them free reign of how they'd like to organize their words. My main rule is that they must be able to see each word, so they can over lap the eggs, but they have to be able to read the WHOLE word on each egg.

Here's a recap of how to prep these sweet little projects:
All you have to do is write your sight words on the eggs.  I did each grade level's words on a different patterned egg and copied them on different colors, like I did with the hearts for Valentine's Day, feathers for the turkey, and gifts for Christmas.

I do not have the kids do the cutting; I do all of that ahead of time, but if you are a classroom teacher, you may want to include that step for your sanity and to include fine motor practice. 

My reading students read their HFW and glue them...just to get the affirmation of ALL the sight words they know...they LOVE seeing so many words on their papers because it looks like SO MUCH! Their baskets are overflowing!

We take our sight word progress graphs a step further with this project; even though they love watching their bar graph get higher each time I progress monitor, this gives them something even more tangible. And they LOVE to show off their completed project to their classroom teachers and peers. I sure hope these projects get displayed on the fridge or art wall at home! They are something to be proud of for sure. 

A little boost in confidence for our most struggling students is a GREAT thing! 

Additionally, they each get a baggie with their words to work on over break again, of course, along with a list with the words they don't yet know highlighted.

I also have some ideas for an end of year project bopping around in my brain...I have loved doing these projects throughout the year with my younger students.
So if you love this project like I do, stay tuned!

April Currently

It's time for a Currently from Farley, and I actually have the time to fill one out! Yippee!

Listening: to the Today Show...I wish I could sip my coffee and watch this every day. Love it.

Loving: Yesterday was the first day we had seen temperatures in the 60s since November. In Rochester, it even hit 70! Today's high is 61--I'll take it!

Thinking: Yesterday was beautiful, but it rained last night. I'm hoping the rain is done, so I can keep the windows open all day again.

Wanting: I really need to clean my car. It's had a hard winter what with all the yuck that drips from the boots of a 3 year-old. My car is tiny, so the salt and mud is ALL OVER.

Needing: I really need to finish reading Four Perfect Pebbles. This is the novel I will be doing with my 8th grade guided reading students after break. It's a Holocaust novel, and my students will be studying WWII in Social Studies.

Yesterday, Nolan and I did a trial run of the project we're doing for his teachers at daycare for Caregiver Appreciation Week this month. We have 3 more to go! Details to come at a later date.

Egg-splain Your Name: My blog name comes from the TV show "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper"...please tell me someone else grew up watching that show! My principal made the connection years ago when I first got married and calls me Coop.

If you're interested in participating in Farley's Currently for April, head on over to her blog!