Friday, January 2, 2015

Handprint Alphabet Book (A, E, I, T)

I'm back with a continuation of our Handprint Alphabet Book! If you missed the first few letters Nolan chose (and a quick how-to), look HERE!

Nolan chose to work on letters A, E, I, and T most recently. We'll get this book done before he's 4! ;)

Aa alligator

Ee elephant

Ii iguana

Tt turtle

We only do animals for our alphabet book, but there are many other ideas out there too. Nolan saw a car on one of the pages we were using, so he decided he wanted to make that and turned it into a painting for one of his teachers. He chose a strawberry for his other teacher. These pictures will come at a later date after his teachers have received his gift of artwork!

Again, stay tuned for more letters to come!