Thursday, February 12, 2015

Word you be my Valentine?

It's the week before winter break, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. That obviously means my 1st and 2nd grader AIS reading students were working on another sight word project! Click here to see what we did for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"Word" you be my Valentine?
Get it? Good one, right? :)

 Here's a recap of how to prep these sweet little projects:

All you have to do is write your sight words on the gifts. 
I did each grade level's words on a different heart and copied them on different colors, like I did with the feathers for the turkey and gifts for Christmas. 
I do not have the kids do the cutting; I do all of that ahead of time, but if you are a classroom teacher, you may want to include that step for your sanity and to include fine motor practice. My reading students go over their sight words with me and glue them...just to get the affirmation of ALL the sight words they know...they LOVE seeing so many words on their papers because it looks like SO MUCH! 

Their hearts are FULL! 
Get it? Oh, I'm full of them tonight :)

We take our sight word progress graphs a step further with this project; even though they love watching their bar graph get higher each time I progress monitor, this gives them something even more tangible. And they LOVE to show off their completed project to their classroom teachers and peers. 

A little boost in confidence for our most struggling students is a GREAT thing!

Additionally, they each get a baggie with their words to work on over break again, of course, along with a list with the words they don't yet know highlighted.
I also have an Easter project in the works...I thought this would be a cute project to do before each long break with my younger kids. 

So if you love this project like I do, stay tuned!

Hopefully parents will actually practice sight words during winter break...hey, I can dream, right?