Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Give the Gift of Sight Words

I'm back! And I have a fun freebie for you just in time for those last minute Christmas plans. With my 1st and 2nd grade AIS reading students, I will be doing a little project for them to take home for the holiday break.

This is what we did for Thanksgiving:

Our school district has 150 sight words for grades K-2. This project belongs to a 2nd grader, so he has 3 colors--one for each grade.

Unfortunately, I only remembered to get one photo; I don't have any of the 1st graders' work, but they only had orange (1st grade) and yellow feathers (kdg) of course. Each student also took home a baggie with their words to practice in hopes they would actually do so over break.

And now, for the main attraction...

Drumroll please!

Sight Word gifts all wrapped up beneath the tree, or in Santa's sleigh, or next to Santa! The choices!

We'll be doing gifts under the tree.

All you have to do is write your sight words on the gifts. 
I did each grade level's words on a different shaped gift and copied them on different colors, like I did with the feathers for the turkey. 

I do not have the kids do the cutting; I do all of that ahead of time, but if you are a classroom teacher, you may want to include that step for your sanity and to include fine motor practice. My reading students will go over their sight words with me then glue them...just to get the affirmation of ALL the sight words they know...they LOVE seeing so many words on their papers because it looks like SO MUCH!  

We take our sight word progress graphs a step further with this project; even though they love watching their bar graph get higher each week, this gives them something even more tangible. And they LOVE to show off their completed project to their classroom teachers and peers. A little boost in confidence for our most struggling students is a GREAT thing!

I will post photos of their completed projects sometime soon--keep an eye out. We'll be assessing on Friday and working on the actual project the beginning of next week. They will each get a baggie with their words to work on over break again, of course.

And here they are...months later...
Next year, we'll use smaller gifts; I totally misjudged the sizes there!

I also have ideas for Valentine's Day and Easter...I thought this would be a cute project to do before each long break with my younger kids. So if you love this project like I do, stay tuned!
Hopefully parents will actually practice sight words during the breaks...hey, I can dream, right? 

And here's what my 3rd graders worked on before Thanksgiving...I just didn't have time to post until today!

The Truth About Turkeys...

 We spent a few days reading Turkeys in the Trees from We talked about the author's purpose (to inform), then we went back through the text and highlighted all the facts about turkeys. After that, we spent some time choosing 4 facts and filling out our graphic organizers, then we copied them onto writing paper and put our turkeys together. Phew! That was a lot of work! They were so proud of their projects!


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