Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Fun

Why hello, Spring Break! Nice to see you, and thanks for bringing some nice weather. Now, could you just keep it here?! Seriously.

Boy, were we busy yesterday with Easter projects! Take a gander!

Marbled Easter Eggs
(how-to instructions) Tip: Use brightly colored cardstock instead of white construction paper!

Bunny Baskets for our Egg Hunt:
Just cut out a triangle, staple the tops, and decorate your bunny any way you choose! :) Ours had cotton tails too! Quick, easy, ADORABLE! Found this goodie in my closet mixed in with a bunch of paper bags when I was trying to figure out how my kiddos would be able to carry 6 Easter eggs...30 mins before arrival! Gotta love it!

Easter Bunnies
Also known as boo-boo to see how to make!

Bunny Craft

A Class of Bunnies (minus a couple absentees)

Happy Easter from our classroom to you!

And if you're still looking for some quick and easy Easter center or small-group activities, check out this oldie but goodie!