Monday, August 5, 2013

Truffula Trees!

Ok, when I saw these absolutely adorable Truffula Trees on Pinterest, and I just had to make some for my classroom! Unfortunately stores think it's no longer summer, and the pool noodles were hard to find--thanks to my sister for finding the LAST 2 Target had! Life-saver :)

I was inspired by this blog post at I'm Feelin' Crafty where I found the wonderful tutorial. I did, however, make some changes. 

So, here is my modified tutorial.

You will need:
  • pool noodles
  • feather boas
  • duck tape
  • 8" styrofoam balls
  • hot glue gun

I got the pool noodles from Target, duck tape from Walmart, and boas & styrofoam balls from Michaels. (note: this is not the cheapest craft, ahem.) This is an extremely easy craft and only took me probably 30 minutes or less to complete both!

  • First thing's first...the trunk! This is the easiest part, although none of it is difficult at all! All you do is wrap sections of duck tape wherever you want it on your trunk. I didn't measure where I put them, just eye-balled it. I did, however, make sure the seams lined up fairly well, so I will have a "back" of my tree when I attach it to my classroom wall or smartboard.
  • Now for the treetop! I used the seam of the styrofoam ball to guide me. I started at the top with a huge dollop of hot glue then wrapped the boas around the ball. It took me 3 six-foot boas per tree.
  • Finally, it's starting to come together! Find a spot on your treetop that isn't too dense with feathers, so you can get down to the styrofoam again. Add glue--lots--and hold one end of you pool noodle on it tightly. You have to wait until it is completely cooled or else it will fall apart. Mine were just the right size to put the ball on the counter, and the ceiling held the other end of the noodle in place, so I wasn't stuck holding it together forever. The hot glue melts the pool noodle (you can hear it!), so don't put the hot glue directly on the doesn't stick!

Now you have some super de duper cool Truffula Trees! I can't get into my classroom yet, and didn't want to tape them to the walls in my house, so here are some photos of them on my dining room floor :) You get the idea though!

Now get out to search for those pool noodles before they're all GONE! :) Word on the street is Dollar General has quite a few (Thanks, Kellie!).

In other news, that awesome sister of mine I mentioned above also found some of those Dr. Seuss clocks for me! Now I can do THIS in my classroom like I mentioned in my previous post! Yippee!!


Miss Kindergarten

Hi! I just got your comment about the soup craft template. I added the template and directions to the Cooking Up Centers, so you can re-download from TpT!! Thanks for being so sweet!

Amanda Planta

and now you can grow your own TickleMe Plant at home. check out the TickleMe Plant flowers...they look just like
Truffula Trees. The TickleMe Plant will
close its leaves when you Tickle It!