Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seuss Bulletin SmorgasBoard

See what I did there?! :) SmorgasBoard? Huh, huh? It's a Seuss smorgasbord bulletin board! :)


Ok, so the ONLY thing that is completely finished in this rush to get ready for Kindergarten orientation next Thursday is this super cute bulletin board ifIdosaysomyself. 

I got the idea from this adorable pin (which unfortunately goes to the pinterest black hole...if it's yours, let me know!). I ran with the idea adding more 3-D effects...truffula tree tops, Horton's clover, balloon & string, and the Lorax's mustache (marabou feathers!). 

I love how it turned out, except for the balloon. It's not quite sticking the way I had hoped. I may need to rethink that part. Any ideas? The Seuss quotes can be found here--a freebie from Fun for First.