Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seuss Bulletin SmorgasBoard

See what I did there?! :) SmorgasBoard? Huh, huh? It's a Seuss smorgasbord bulletin board! :)


Ok, so the ONLY thing that is completely finished in this rush to get ready for Kindergarten orientation next Thursday is this super cute bulletin board ifIdosaysomyself. 

I got the idea from this adorable pin (which unfortunately goes to the pinterest black hole...if it's yours, let me know!). I ran with the idea adding more 3-D effects...truffula tree tops, Horton's clover, balloon & string, and the Lorax's mustache (marabou feathers!). 

I love how it turned out, except for the balloon. It's not quite sticking the way I had hoped. I may need to rethink that part. Any ideas? The Seuss quotes can be found here--a freebie from Fun for First.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School TpT Sale!

Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a huge sale for back to school--10% off all purchases. In addition, all products in my store will be on sale! The sale runs Sunday, August 18th-Monday, August 19th. Check it out! Make sure you use promo code BTS13 before you checkout to get the maximum discount! 

Click image to go to my store!

What are you waiting for?! Get those wishlist items into your cart now, and don't forget to cash out in a few days!
Happy shopping!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

O-fish-ally in Kindergarten

from Simply Sprout
I've seen these fishy treat bags all over Pinterest and just had to make some for my Seuss theme! Grab them from my TpT store; they are in powerpoint and editable, but you will need to download the font Doctor Soos Bold.

My kiddos will be getting these little goodie bags at the end of the first day to take home with them...filled with colored goldfish, of course!

I also hope to make one of those adorable frames to take their first day photos with the same theme. I love this one from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten! She even has a tutorial for how to make it using your digital cutter if you're so lucky to have one. I may have to borrow my Momma's :) Click the photo to head over to DeeDee's blog!

 I plan on making mine with Seuss fish, of course! However, that depends on if I get around to this particular project in time! So much to do!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Stop & Smell the Sight Words

I needed to come up with some additional activities for my word work center this year and saw a similar idea for spelling. Since we don't do spelling, I thought it would work nicely for sight words if modified a bit. So, here's what I came up with...a wonderful way to use those awesome Scentos and Mr. Sketch markers I (and the kiddos) love!
Click image to go to my TpT store :)

Students will first read the sight word out loud, trace the sight word, then write it independently. Simple and easy word work center! All sight words for kindergarten Open Court units 1-5 are included plus color words.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Truffula Trees!

Ok, when I saw these absolutely adorable Truffula Trees on Pinterest, and I just had to make some for my classroom! Unfortunately stores think it's no longer summer, and the pool noodles were hard to find--thanks to my sister for finding the LAST 2 Target had! Life-saver :)

I was inspired by this blog post at I'm Feelin' Crafty where I found the wonderful tutorial. I did, however, make some changes. 

So, here is my modified tutorial.

You will need:
  • pool noodles
  • feather boas
  • duck tape
  • 8" styrofoam balls
  • hot glue gun

I got the pool noodles from Target, duck tape from Walmart, and boas & styrofoam balls from Michaels. (note: this is not the cheapest craft, ahem.) This is an extremely easy craft and only took me probably 30 minutes or less to complete both!

  • First thing's first...the trunk! This is the easiest part, although none of it is difficult at all! All you do is wrap sections of duck tape wherever you want it on your trunk. I didn't measure where I put them, just eye-balled it. I did, however, make sure the seams lined up fairly well, so I will have a "back" of my tree when I attach it to my classroom wall or smartboard.
  • Now for the treetop! I used the seam of the styrofoam ball to guide me. I started at the top with a huge dollop of hot glue then wrapped the boas around the ball. It took me 3 six-foot boas per tree.
  • Finally, it's starting to come together! Find a spot on your treetop that isn't too dense with feathers, so you can get down to the styrofoam again. Add glue--lots--and hold one end of you pool noodle on it tightly. You have to wait until it is completely cooled or else it will fall apart. Mine were just the right size to put the ball on the counter, and the ceiling held the other end of the noodle in place, so I wasn't stuck holding it together forever. The hot glue melts the pool noodle (you can hear it!), so don't put the hot glue directly on the doesn't stick!

Now you have some super de duper cool Truffula Trees! I can't get into my classroom yet, and didn't want to tape them to the walls in my house, so here are some photos of them on my dining room floor :) You get the idea though!

Now get out to search for those pool noodles before they're all GONE! :) Word on the street is Dollar General has quite a few (Thanks, Kellie!).

In other news, that awesome sister of mine I mentioned above also found some of those Dr. Seuss clocks for me! Now I can do THIS in my classroom like I mentioned in my previous post! Yippee!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seusstastic $1 Spot!

Over the weekend, I found a TON of fun Seuss goodies! I just love how Target supports my Seuss needs for my classroom and orientation goody bags :)

cups, bowls, plates, hats, cut-outs, erasers, crayons, bookmarks, stickers, borders
I'm missing one of the cups; they were out of the Cat in the Hat cups, so I'll be on the lookout for those. The other characters/books featured on the dishes are Horton, Yertle the Turtle, and One Fish Two Fish. I also got some Seuss socks and eyed up some foam Seuss clocks. I might have to go back for a few clocks, so I can set up something like this:
From: Peace, Love, & to follow link

I think I would add in a clock for specials too since I have a daily specials would just leave out the 2 specials that aren't in that block on double special days. Hmm...

If you have a Seuss-themed classroom like me, you better hustle on over to Target and grab yourself some goodies before they're all gone!