Thursday, March 21, 2013

Leprechaun Tricks & Treats

I...and the kids...had so much fun on Monday. When the kids arrived, they found yellow and green streamers hanging from our doorway, a mixed-up schedule, mixed-up supply bins, green footprints, green leprechaun dust, green toilet water, some smarties in their traps, and a note from our leprechaun on the smart board!

It seems before he could check out our traps, he jumped into our classroom through the window to use the bathroom!

 Later on in the day, Seamus popped in again to leave some gold-wrapped snickers & milky ways in our traps and another note...this time with clues on how to find his pot of goodies!

After completing our hunt around the school (freebie from A Turn to Learn!), this is what we found! Gold coins, green beaded necklaces, rubber Irish pride bracelets, and St. Patty's Day pins.