Friday, August 31, 2012

I Guess I'm Ready...

Ready or not, they'll be here Wednesday morning! 

We had kindergarten orientation Monday--9/14 kiddos came, and they seemed like sweeties. We read Pete the Cat and Brown Bear Brown Bear and played with a little playdough before their parents joined us to distribute supplies. I'm looking forward to the new, SMALL class and the new school year; although I'm going to miss spending all day with my own little nugget.

Here's how my room looks at this point (probably not all that different from my last post). I still have to print, laminate, and hang my Whole Brain Teaching rules, sayings, and super improvers wall as well as a few other items here and there. I think for some items (like the WBT rules, Give Me 5 poster, etc), I may introduce them to the kids before hanging them.
diagonally from the door

as you walk in

looking towards west side of room

diagonally from bathroom looking towards front of room

front of room

looking towards east side of room

Hello, class! Looking back from the smartboard

Job chart--colorful clovers

behavior clip chart

rules and schedule

workshop bins & table bins

behind small group table area

small group area

Welcome to my room! The fun whiteboard on the left is from Target. I think I'm going to make that my "we are..." message board.
There's not much different from last year. I guess I liked how I had things set up for the most part. A few pieces of furniture moved--most notably, I can have a U of desks this year--and I got rid of a huge filing cabinet that I no longer wanted.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Well, I finally dragged myself into school yesterday to see what kind of a mess I was faced with...and it actually wasn't too bad!
(Sorry if the photo quality isn't that great; I only had my phone with me.)
Right when you walk in the door

Looking towards the back of the room from the door

Looking towards the front of the room from the back corner

I spent about 4 hours at school, and this is what my room looks like so far. I am LOVING that they let us keep all our decorations up over the summer. What a time-saver!!
Right as you walk in the door

Looking at the back of the room from the door

Looking at the front of the room from the back corner

 Notice the nice, bright new rug that seats 30! I soooo wish I had this rug last year. And, also notice the U shaped seating arrangement! I can play with the way my tables are set up this year since we only have 15 kiddos, and I don't need to occupy EVERY available seat! Heaven.

I feel pretty good about the progress I already made. Today I'm working on ELA module 1 for the common core since they're waxing the hallway. I'll be back in tomorrow, and I hope I can finish up then; that would be record time! Well, almost. One year I had 24 hours to set up my room before kindergarten orientation because they had torn up my floors and re-tiled due to radon. That wasn't stressful at all. Hmpf.

Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Currently

It's time to link up with Farley again! Get going!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching

Alright, all you Whole Brain Teachers out there, I would love to hear your tips, tricks, and suggestions! I've been reading up on WBT a little bit (when my rugrat allows for it!), and I'd really like to implement it in my classroom this year. However, I find the website a bit overwhelming! Lots of great information, but I just want the basics to get me started this year. I'm not sure I want to jump in all the way or if I'm ready to do that.

Where do I start? What do I REALLY need to do? What are the absolute musts? Because I'm sure I won't get to do it all this year--am I supposed to?

I've found quite a few versions of the class rules, so I mostly just need to narrow it down to which version I like the best. Same thing with the teaching signs (is that what they're called? Switch, Class? Yes!, etc). And the scoreboard seems easy enough--pretty self-explanatory. 

Am I missing anything else to get me started and get my toes wet without going overboard, getting overwhelmed with new things, and not being able to follow through with it all? Here's my WBT Pinterest board so far if anyone's interested. :o) Or, if you have materials that I haven't found and pinned, please leave a comment directing me to them, so I can!

Do I NEED to (should I) do a Super Improvers wall?

Thanks in advance for any info you all can give me! :o)