Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tabletop Organizers...Help!

Yes, I'm already thinking about next year, and actually I've been thinking about this idea since the fall. I need help finding tabletop organizers for my kids' crayons, scissors, glue stick, pencil, and eraser. 

Here's the problem...

I have these desks:
From the beginning of the year, looks quite different now!

They're nice because you don't have to worry about a mess in the desk, but the issue is where to keep the items you would usually keep inside the desk. As you can see, I keep workbooks and folders in the colored bins by the window. Each table group is assigned a color, and that works great. 

My problem is their crayon boxes! Keeping them on top of their desks means about a million and five more times they get dropped on the floor, explode the contents all over, and need to be picked up than when you keep them inside a desk. This class also had a tendency to fight over the placement of them and grab each others to drive the other kid (and the teacher!) nutso.

So, here's my plan...

I want tabletop organizers that have 4 equal-sized compartments to hold all the typical crayon box contents. Ideally, these organizers would come in various colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) to correspond with my table colors.

Here's the best options I've seen so far:
fiskars art caddy (only comes in orange as far as I can see)
bar caddy (only in white)
8 compartment wooden caddy

Best option so far, comes in all the colors, but the compartments aren't equal-sized :o(
Does anyone have something that works great and comes in multiple colors? Or just something that works great?




I would avoid the fiskars caddy - I have it for scissors and the cups pop out a lot, making lots of spills. I think I've seen caddies like the last pic at the dollar tree.


I have the caddies in the last picture. I think I bought them from Really Good Stuff. Anyway, I have double desks in my room, so I have a caddy for every 2 kids. In the three small compartments we put scissors, pencils and a bottle of glue. In the larger compartment, we put crayons. I have had them for a few years and they have held up well. My only problem is that I bought one set and then bought another set a couple years later and the oranges are 2 different shades. I saw some caddies at Target last season in the dollar spot, but they had two small sections and one larger section.

Mrs. Katzman's Kinder Cubs

I have the 3 compartment containers from Lakeshore they have 6 colors and I have 6 tables. In the large compartment, I put a pencil box and inside the pencil box I put the crayons. This worked really well. In the two smaller compartments I put glue, scissors, pencils, and erasers. I used these all year and they still looked brand new, after I washed them. Plus, for Lakeshore, they didn't cost me a fortune:)