Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We've been learning about the parts of a plant, and yesterday we read Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens and completed the fun *free* activity sheet by kindergarten crayons. Today, we sorted veggies by the part of the plant that we eat. The kids had a lot of fun deciding where each veggie belonged on the chart by investigating which part of the plant it looks like. It's nothing fancy, but the kids enjoyed it, and it got the job done.

Below you will find the picture cards used for the sort. Enjoy!



Thank you for sharing your picture sort cards��. I will be using them for a GATE concept development lesson.


Thank you for the beautiful handout of plants! Love them.

Teacher Karen

I love this idea. Instead of the printables, I am going to have kids go through seed catalogs and find examples of each. We did a group collage when we studied wheels/motion and the kids had a blast cutting out from magazines!