Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Blog Button!

I'm taking this opportunity to send a HUGE THANK YOU out to Leslie from Kindergarten Works for so being so darn sweet and making me a brand-spanking-new blog button (check it out on the right!). I saw this post on TBA a few days ago and jumped right on it. I love the new button; the colors are perfect, and Leslie was so sweet! It's so cute and MUCH better than the one I tried putting together a few months ago--quite the improvement. Thanks, Leslie!

Also, you'll notice I'm up to 101 followers--how amazing! Who would have thought little ol' me would be over 100 followers in a little over a year? How humbling. I'll have to think of something fun to celebrate...


Leslie @KindergartenWorks

Thanks for the shout out Leanne! I'm so glad you are happy and proud of your button! Have a fantastic day!
- Leslie
-Leslie @KindergartenWorks


Congrats on your landmark! Now you have 102 followers!