Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Here is the sad/embarrassing before photo of my desk:
Please disregard the oldness and well-lovedness of this desk...perhaps that's why it's so messy?  To cover all the worn spots? 

I got some inspiration from a pin of Miss Kindergarten's desk redo. You can check hers out here. I, however, couldn't find a file box like hers, so I ended up with a tote one (and tucked the handles inside). I think it will work out even better than planned because I can easily grab it and bring it home when needed!
I was pretty stoked that I successfully consolidated my plans down to 1 page from 2...tiny handwriting is a MUST!

Files: next week, to do, to copy, to file, pacing charts, & communication

So far, I'm pretty pleased with my desk if I could just keep it looking nice and organized!



It looks great!


Sprinkles to Kindergarten

Laura read my mind. I must do a desk clean up too! I'm feeling the end of year pressure to clean out my drawers and the never ending crud that accumulates in and around my desk. You've inspired me to get on it!

Mrs. Gaither

I mostly stay at my small group table with kiddos, so my 'desk' using becomes the stock pile for EVERYTHING! So I changed it into our science exploration station today--my kinders are so happy! I also pulled out fresh science 'stuff'.

meet me at the zoo...


Thank you for sharing this, I'll definitely keep this in mind when I'm cleaning.
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