Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Earth Day

Here are some of the fun craftivities we did last week for Earth day. 

The kids always love making the earths; they think it is just so cool how the marker colors bleed together when I spray their filter.
I can help the earth by...turning the water off, recycling.

I can help the earth by planting trees.

I can help the earth by...recycling batteries.

I can help the earth by...turning off the water.

I can help the earth by...I will turn off the lights.

I can help the earth by...I could throw away bottles.

They completed the Lorax activities with substitute teachers while I was out, but they still turned out pretty good! I always get a little nervous when I'm not there to walk them through something since I have my own particular way I go through things, you know how that is (right? I can't be the only one with a touch of OCD.).
...picking up trash so you can toss away bottles you can toss away bottles.

...not cut down trees. Picking up trash.

...recycle and help clean up.

...I would ride my bike. Riding the bus.

...recycling newspapers, recycling cans, throwing trash away, not cutting trees down, not wasting electricity.

...I will not cut down trees. I will turn off lights.

We also started reading and learning about the parts of a plant this week. I can't wait until Friday! We'll be doing one of my favorite crafts; you can find last year's version here.