Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lucky Charms Freebie

Here's another sort, analyze, and graph activity...with Lucky Charms. Yum! What adult kindergartner wouldn't love this? I mean, who doesn't go through the Lucky Charms and pick out all the marshmallows?! There's a Mennonite store/restaurant in my hometown where you can buy the marshmallows in bulk...JUST the marshmallows. AMAZING! :o)

I usually get so caught up in the excitement and fun of Read Across America/Dr. Seuss that I completely forget about St. Patrick's Day until it's the week of, so I'm getting a little ahead of the game this year in the hopes that I'll be on top of it.

Leave some love if you download!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Seuss Goldfish Freebies

I don't know about you, but Dr. Seuss/Read Across America week is one of my absolute FAVORITE weeks all year! I'm slightly obSEUSSed; my classroom is Seuss themed, and Nolan's nursery is too! I'm already working on my plans for the week (or maybe 2 weeks!) that we'll do our Seuss activities. We have winter break the 20th-24th, so I'm actually quite ahead of the game here! {Don't get too used to this though!}

Anyway, here is one of the activities I have planned for our One Fish Two Fish day--a colored goldfish sort & graph.

I also saw this addition activity on Pinterest:

so I made up my own sheet:

Plus, I want to make this fun treat for snack that day! Shhh...don't tell anyone I'm bringing it in. Technically we're not supposed to have homemade treats in school due to allergies, but I know these will be safe for all my kiddos since they're not allergic to anything in them.

Enjoy! Leave some love if you download and use any of the activities! :o)

Monday, February 6, 2012

February Currently

It's that time! 
Link up at Oh Boy 4th Grade for the monthly currently!

Frost It HFW Game

I "borrowed" this idea from The Weekly Hive and modified it a bit to use in my classroom. Since I LOVE baking--especially cupcakes--this game caught my eye and got my brain working as soon as I saw it! If you're interested, Lauren has a freebie at her blog with her game rules and photos of the game in action. I had to change it up a bit for my class because I just KNOW that tissue paper will turn to shreds in 5 seconds flat! 

Here's what I came up with for my kiddos to do during workshop...

Version 1: I will write the sight words they need the most practice with at the time on the bottom of cupcake tins and also on the worksheet. Students will work in pairs and switch their  cupcake tin after they have successfully completed their 6 cupcakes. Students will use a cherry from Hi-Ho Cherry-O and toss it into the cupcake tins. They will read the sight word on the cupcake liner where the cherry lands, and if they read it correctly, they will color the corresponding cupcake on their worksheet as well as putting a cupcake in the tin. Play continues until all cupcakes are accounted for on their worksheet. {This one is more EASILY programmed with any words I want}

Version 2: Students will work in pairs again and switch tins as before. I will write the sight words on the bottom of the cupcake tins, cupcake, and frosting. Kids will roll a die programmed with sight words, match the words on the different prop pieces, and color in the corresponding cupcake on their worksheet. {To make this one programmable any way you want, you could use those dot stickers instead of writing on the props with sharpie or maybe use a whiteboard marker, but it may rub off}

I will be using these cupcakes from Toys R Us (2 sets per student pair):

No action shots yet, but I will try to remember to update once I'm back from leave!
Leave some love if you download and try it out!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clip Chart Freebies!

This year I'm trying the whole clip chart thing. Here are a few photos from when I made it and a really blurry one from my classroom. It's in the front of the room right by the door which I wasn't thrilled about when I set up my room, but it ended working out perfectly.

So far, it's been working out really well for most of my kids (in my experience, you always have a couple who need individualized behavior plans), but once report cards went home, more parents wanted daily notes (whether it was necessary or not), and we simply don't have the time to be filling those out for half the class at the end of the day! Therefore, these documents came to be. 

I've been meaning to do something like this all year, but I just didn't get around to it with the preggo exhaustion and all. My sister is my long-term sub for my maternity leave, so it's been super easy on me. We decided it was time to put these puppies into action starting Monday. We'll start out with the weekly one, but the monthly one would save lots of trees, so I may switch to that if all goes well with the weekly ones. Otherwise, I'll just wait until next year! I hope some of you can use these. From what I've seen on all the blogs, LOTS of you are doing clip charts of some sort! Please leave a comment if you download, and let me know what you think!

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