Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sight Word Roll & Graph

I guess this post is what will probably amount to my last post for the next 8 weeks or so since Thursday is my last day before I begin my maternity leave! Not that I've been that good about posting regularly this school year anyway; being pregnant zaps a lot of energy from you--especially the 3rd trimester. Baby Boy is scheduled to arrive December 21st, and I hardly think I'll have time or energy to be creating things for school much less posting them. So, this is my farewell for now (unless I come up with something else before Thursday!).

Anyway, here is a sight word roll & graph activity my kiddos will be working on during workshop this week along with the two previous units. Nothing fancy, but it does the trick! The words are from units 1-3 in Open Court for anyone else out there who uses that reading program. 
The large word cards are to insert into dice like these:

Please leave a comment if you use these!