Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

December is definitely one of my FAVORITE months of the year. I LOVE Christmas, and I love the cute crafts I get to do with my students for them to take home as gifts for their families at the end of the month. Here are the first two Christmas crafts we've completed...hand/footprint Rudolphs and hand/footprint angels. I love pretty much any craft made out of their handprints and footprints because they're so small and adorable, but I especially love these two crafts because you don't have to prep much ahead of time during a busy time of year! Plus, just look at them; they turn out so darn adorable every year! I love the quirkiness of each one; they're special for sure! Moms and Dads are sure to cherish these cutesy Christmas crafts.

First up: Rudolph
1. Kids trace their shoe on brown construction paper (1/2 sheet of 9*12)
2. Cut out
3. Kids trace their hand on tan construction paper (1/2 sheet of 9*12 folded card-style)
4. Cut out
5. Glue antlers to back of face
6. Add googley eyes
7. Add red nose
8. Glitter up that nose so it shines! :o)
9. I glue the finished project onto red & green paper (girls & boys respectively), so they look neat instead of covered in dried up glue splotches. Then I add their names at the top and sometimes the year too.

Next up: Angels
1. Teacher traces socked feet of students on construction paper (9*12, this year I used pink for girls and blue for boys, but usually I do them all 1 color). **You need the definition of their toes for the bottom of the angel robe!**
2. Kids cut out
3. Glue tan circle on heels
4. Add googley eyes, pink yarn smile, and nose to face
5. Kids trace hands on white paper (1/2 sheet of 9*12 folded card-style)
6. Cut out
7. Glue
8. Cut yarn for each child to match length & color the best you can. Use tacky glue to adhere.
9. Tape halo to back of head
10. Spray completed angel with spray glitter to add a little extra magic! :o)
11. Add name & year to bottom of robe

I hope you enjoy these cuter than cute Christmas crafts as much as I do. Leave a message if you try them out! Or, better yet, leave a link to photos of your students' creations!