Wednesday, August 31, 2011


FINALLY, my classroom is set up and ready to go! Orientation went well yesterday, it was a nice laid-back pace, and I think the families enjoyed it. All but 3 kiddos showed which isn't too shabby when you've got 22 students! Unfortunately, my classroom is much smaller than many of the large spaces I've seen on other blogs, and I feel like it's all so crammed in there! 
Prepare yourself for photo overload...
as you walk in

as you walk in, carpet area

front of room


back of room


table bins, book hospital from kindertastic

my desk Seuss bdays from First Grade Brain & brown bear M&M sort from Mrs. Lee's kinderkids

close-up of Seuss bins--love them!

small shelf by my desk

front of room
decoding strategies from can do kinders (why can't I rotate this??) by my kidney table for small groups

back of room, sticker charts

word wall

orientation goodies, Seuss deskplates from First Grade Brain

front of room

front of room

organization table in front of my desk...a drawer for each day of the week's materials and each subject for when I'm ahead of myself with copies!

clip chart (can't rotate, sorry!)

next to door (can't rotate)

classroom jobs



I love your classroom job board, think I have time to put that together before next week.....I think I will do mine with snap type clothespins. Too cute thanks!

Traci Bender

Where did you get your Seuss bins? I love them!


LeAnne Cooper

Traci, I found them at Target in the dollar spot last summer. This summer they had sandwich boxes instead, still cute though! :o)

Aubrey McGee

I see that this post is several years old, but I just have to say the Horton Job Chart is the cutest job chart I have EVER seen!