Thursday, July 28, 2011

Classroom Pet Peeves

Alisha over at The Bubbly Blonde is hosting a linky party for teachers to share their biggest classroom pet peeves! Of course, I absolutely love my job and can't imagine doing anything else, but I think EVERY teacher has a few pet peeves. It's just bound to happen when you're spending 5 days a week in a smallish space with 20+ rugrats all day long! are my top five:

1. Tattling & not problem solving...enough said!

2. Poking me to get my attention all the while saying, "Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Cooper" repeatedly in a whiny voice. It's enough to make a teacher want to change her name! Once I turned around and poked the kid back and asked him if he liked it when I did that to him to try and FINALLY make my point. He started crying...not the right kid to try that strategy with! Oops!

3. Whiny voices!

4. Stepping on my feet! Kindergartners are heavier than you would think! 

5. Telling me, "I can't" when I know you can or you haven't even tried yet.

So, what are YOUR classroom pet peeves?!


Fran Kramer

Mrs. Cooper,
You are just spot-on about all of these!
One I would add is listening to the girls at recess trying to terrorize each other and threatening not to be someone's friend... only when they think I am out of earshot!


So glad you joined in! I loved reading your responses! Sometimes I get so sick of hearing my own name being yelled. "Miss Peare! Miss Peare!" that I eventually tell them "she's not here..she went home." They always giggle!