Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Billy the Bean

We started our plant life-cycle unit of my favorite things to teach!
We read Billy the Bean by Maria Elena Buria.
We began our bean journals, in which we labeled the parts of a bean plant, drew the supplies we needed to plant our beans, labeled the 4 things a plant needs in order to grow, and drew our first bean observation. I forgot to get pictures, but they'll show up in future posts.
Then we planted lima beans and snowdrift marigolds (for Mother's Day!). 
Last, we watched and sang along to "Billy the Bean!"
The kids always love these activities. I don't think the book is in print anymore as I can't find it ANYWHERE online. It's absolutely my favorite book to begin this unit, and the kids love it! The illustrations were done by Emma Siu (who I assume is a child based on the way the dedication is worded), and the kids always ask if I drew the pictures. Too cute!
I can't wait for the beans and marigolds to start sprouting...and neither can the kids!



Wow, I have never heard of Billy the Bean- where did you get the pattern? This would be so cute in our science logs.


LeAnne Cooper

I'm sorry, but the pattern for what? Our bean journals? I've been planning on putting the journals on TpT but just haven't gotten around to it yet! I used a few of the illustrations from the Billy the Bean book for the labeling sections and added some pages of my own.