Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Know You're a Teacher When...

Abby's having a linky part over at The Inspired Apple, and many of the other blogs I follow are also playing along, so I thought I'd join in too!

You know you're a Kindergarten teacher when...
  • You can turn ANYTHING into a song/jingle without thinking about it, then proceed to use said song/jingle for the remainder of the school year.
  • Dr. Jean rocks your socks off!
  • You love the smell of playdough, crayons, and Mr. Sketch markers.
  • You can read ANYTHING without a single vowel...inventive spellings are your life.
  • Hugs make your heart smile, but you secretly wonder what color paint or food they've smeared all over the back of you. And, for that reason, you rarely wear white.
  • You're more excited about getting new goodies in the school supply section in August than the incoming kindergartners.
  • You respond to the name Mommy (and Grandma) at least 10 times each week.
  • You spend more money on the Scholastic book order than the sum of all the children's orders.
  • You wish you could change your name if only to stop hearing "Mrs. _____?!" 50 million times per day.
  • Your students LOVE school and homework, and are motivated to please the teacher.
  • You know, and truly appreciate, the look on a child's face when he/she finally reads a book independently.
  • Your students are accomplished gold diggers! You all know what I mean...
  • It takes you twice as long to get your kids ready for dismissal in the winter months.
  • All of your students love you...even if you just had to be stern with them 5 minutes ago.
  • Your students have their parents write you notes even if there isn't a bus change just so they will have a note to give you. "_______ wanted me to write you a note today, so he could give it to you. I hope that's okay."
  • Not a single day goes by when you don't snicker or smile to yourself about something silly one of your kids inadvertently said or did.



I LOVE me some Mr. Sketch markers!!!! The kids will sniff their papers all morning whenever I give them a flavored smiley face! :)