Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scrambled Eggs!

This weekend, I found these at Walmart for $10:
Which is especially exciting because I love to have my kids play various types of "scrambled eggs" games during workshop in April!
Here are some examples:
Math Scrambled Eggs

The kids have to write down the math problem (simple addition and subtraction) and solve it, then they crack it open to check their answers.

Sight Word Scrambled Eggs

In action!
These eggs contain our Open Court list of sight words along with color words. Each egg has a sight word square in it along with the letters to form the word. This can be tricky to keep organized with the letters getting mixed-up into the wrong eggs, but the kids love it!

CVC and other easily read words
These work just like the sight words scrambled eggs (and get messy just like them too!). The kids unscramble the letters to form the word that corresponds with the picture. For a challenge once the kids get the hang of the sight word and CVC eggs, I have them write down the words and sometimes they have to come up with a sentence using that word and write the complete sentence.

I also have some ideas to create a version of scrambled eggs for telling time! What a great find!



Wee I'm so jealous of your blog! It's awesome!!!!!

LeAnne Cooper

Thanks, J! It's nothing compared to some of the blogs I follow (and steal ideas from!).

Kellie Chalmers

Ooh! I like this idea! I might steal it, but make it more for 6th grade math. I think they would love it.