Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Fun

Why hello, Spring Break! Nice to see you, and thanks for bringing some nice weather. Now, could you just keep it here?! Seriously.

Boy, were we busy yesterday with Easter projects! Take a gander!

Marbled Easter Eggs
(how-to instructions) Tip: Use brightly colored cardstock instead of white construction paper!

Bunny Baskets for our Egg Hunt:
Just cut out a triangle, staple the tops, and decorate your bunny any way you choose! :) Ours had cotton tails too! Quick, easy, ADORABLE! Found this goodie in my closet mixed in with a bunch of paper bags when I was trying to figure out how my kiddos would be able to carry 6 Easter eggs...30 mins before arrival! Gotta love it!

Easter Bunnies
Also known as boo-boo to see how to make!

Bunny Craft

A Class of Bunnies (minus a couple absentees)

Happy Easter from our classroom to you!

And if you're still looking for some quick and easy Easter center or small-group activities, check out this oldie but goodie!

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Seamus O'Flynn caused much havoc in our tiny kinder classroom today! The kids decided he was both a tricky/sneaky leprechaun and a nice one too. :)

He made a MESS of the bathroom, decorating it with streamers, green glitter, green toilet water, and leaving a footprint trail through the classroom to the toilet! 

He also hung streamers from the smartboard (where he left us a few notes throughout the day) and the door. 

Seamus even left streamers and green glitter on our tables--along with some smarties because we're so smart!

When we were at lunch, he tried out our traps, and left us some chocolate coins. While we were at music, Seamus tried out our traps again, and left us our last note with coin clues to follow to find his pot of gold. 
Turns out he wasn't willing to share his gold with us since we didn't actually catch him, but he did leave some goodies in his pot...necklaces, chocolate coins, and tattoos!

We had a lovely snack that Seamus had left us in the morning...cupcakes and green Hi-C. And our classroom aide also brought in some guacamole chips for us to try. Oh, and Seamus even got into our milks somehow! Some of the kiddos weren't so sure they wanted to try green milk, but it turns out it tastes the same as white milk. YUM!

Check out our cool and creative leprechaun traps! The kids made them with their families :) 

We also did a leprechaun writing piece, but we ran out of time to do the corresponding that will have to be posted tomorrow. And, of course, don't forget the "Lucky Charms" sort & graph and There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Clover! Fun, fun, fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

100th Day & Valentine's Day...A Little Late

Yes, I'm still in existence. I just can't keep up anymore. A class of 22 will do that to ya. Couldn't even get caught up over Winter Break...busy potty training a certain 2 yo :)

Anyway, here are a few photos of some of the fun we had on February 14th.

A quick & cute keepsake for our parents:

100 year-old self-portraits:

We also did 100 gumball machines, THIS adorable craft, and 100 trail mix.

And, you'll be happy to know, I was the "Best Overall" winner for our Dr. Seuss door decorating contest :) I told the kiddos that it would be embarrassing if we didn't win at least one of the categories since our classroom theme is Seuss. It turned out pretty darn cute, I think! 

My classroom aide already has ideas for next out everyone!